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While hiking across the Cairngorns in Scotland, the roots of an idea were planted. Hugh and Harry couldn’t understand why the wilderness around them bore no resemblance to the suburban surroundings of their childhood. The neatly planted rows of plants, clipped manicured lawns and crazy paving often found in traditional gardens failed to replicate that feeling of a wild space. At Growing Native we use a combination of native plants and bold cultivated varieties to create natural and aesthetic landscapes to benefit people and wildlife. We set out to create gardens that are not only attractive to people, but to birds, bees, butterflies, and other native wildlife. Thus the Growing Native revolution was born.

Our passion is to attract native wildlife into gardens to be viewed and enjoyed by your family. These habitats can become part of your habitat and provide endless enjoyment, while also giving back to nature. Your kids will adore our insect hotels, hedgehog homes, bird and bat boxes. We can even link them via our specialist camera technology to your own TV so you are able to be amazed within the warmth of and comfort of your own home. Get your kids off the X box and into bird boxes! Who knows where it may take them?

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  • I chose Growing Native as they responded immediately to my survey request. Very professional and very friendly. They produced a report very quickly which I needed for my planning. Thanks guys, great job!

    Tony Walton

  • Having called three Ecology firms and not getting a call back I rang Growing Native and had a surveyor on my site the next day. Impressive chaps who I highly recommend!

    Trevor Brown

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