The Growing Native Team

Meet our team of professional experts, they’ll be the guys in charge of your project. Whether that be your new amazing bespoke wildlife garden or conducting an ecological survey.



Harry – A fully qualified Ecologist with years of experience and an unrivalled passion and knowledge. Harry grew up surrounded by fields and woods and built an enviable and close association with all living things. Harry, when not working, competes in iron man events, swimming, biking and running across the planet. He doesn’t always finish first, partly due to his inability to run past any interesting animal signs or freshly blooming flower! Harry is very approachable and frighteningly knowledgeable, he is always a joy to work with.



Our qualified Horticulturist with a deep love for creating wonderful gardens. From the small city roof garden to the open acreage of a wildflower meadow, Jake can design and plant them all. His innovation and use of native flora prioritises texture as well as colour to create year round visual interest. Away from the UKs gardens his love for classic cars keeps him busy.



Our oldest ingredient in the company, Paul has a Chartered Surveying background of over 30 years. His knowledge of the planning process often assists clients and his input to the ecology surveys is invaluable. Paul has that depth of knowledge that comes with age and is happy to offer advice on all related matters. Paul is a keen sports fan and has been a long suffering Spurs supporter since the 1960's. He loves his rugby, tennis and most other sports, but his knees prevent him from taking part!



It's fair to say that Kirk was born to work with wildlife. His parents can relay endless stories of a young Kirk building habitats and creating areas within their gardens where plants and animals could thrive. His travels, funded via a plethora of bar and restaurant jobs while at Uni, took him around the globe where he dived with Great White's and looked closely at a variety of wild plant concepts. Kirk is a worker and when the day draws to a close he will be found lifting weights in a straw filled gym wedged between the horses in a converted stable. He has a love of a variety of arts and follows a spiritual path of life in tune with the animals and plants he dedicates his life to. The pub and a pint or two can round off a long day for Kirk before another early start creating a beautiful wildlife garden. Rugby is another passion although he has ceased playing preferring to avoid injuries that may interrupt a rather busy existence. Hugely qualified (Kirk has a Masters Degree in Research in Marine Biology) he remains quietly knowledgeable and one of the nicest guys in the business.

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